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Club Officers and Directors
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Westminster 7:10 Rotary Officers:


Oliver Grenham            2020-21


Lori Goldstein              2021-22

President-Elect Nominee    David Janak                2022-23
Secretary:   Barbara Donaldson       2020-22
Treasurer:   Loren Donaldson          2020-21
Past President:         Kevin Massey              2019-20


Administration:   Lori Beth Goldstein       2020-22
Rotary Awareness:   Doug Hall                     2020-22
Membership:   Rich Seymour               2019-21
Service Projects:   Rick Fuller                    2019-21

Club Committees:

    Fund Raising:  


TBD, Chair

        Peach Sales   Greg Moser
        Beer Fest   Mark Clark
        Wine Tasting   Open
        Bocce Ball Tournament   Brian Hall
    Administration:   Lori Goldstein, Chair
        Club Service   Lori Goldstein
        Attendance   Barbara Donldson
        Breakfast Oversight   Mesilla Hammond
        Directory/Website   Loren Donaldson
        Fellowship   Brian Hall
        Weekly Programs   Roger Gudenkauf
        Sgt. at Arms  

Tom Wilson, Bill Fine?, Chris Hovendon,

Mark Clark,Rick Fuller, Lori Goldstein

        Morning Inspirations   Various members
        The Rotary Moment   Rick Fuller
        Thought for the Day   Rich Seymour
    Membership:   Rich Seymour, Chair
        Classification   Needs a volunteer
       Recruitment/Orientation   Open
    Membership Development   Tom Wilson
        Red Badge & Mentors   Martin Postma, Mark Wilson, Lynn Hoffman
        Fireside Chats   Rich Seymour
    Rotary Awareness:   Doug Hall, Chair
         Public Information  

Doug Hall (Facebook, Twitter, Westminster Window)

         Facebook, Twitter   Doug Hall, Rich Seymour
         MailChimp   Mark Harris
         Newsletter   Loren Donaldson.
         Web Site   Loren Donaldson
         Historian   Loren Donaldson
         Audio-Visual Services   Loren Donaldson
         Post Master   Loren Donaldson
    Service Projects:    Melissa Hammond, Chair
        Computers for Kids   Roger Gudenkauf
        Student Scholarships   Ryan Holocher
        Thanksgiving Baskets   Melissa Hammond
        A Precious Child   TBD
        Roger's Rangers   Roger Gudenkauf,  Roberta Bourn,
        International Service   Martin Postma
        Vocational Training Teams   Needs volunteers
        Awards   TBD, Roger Gudenkauf
        Dictionaries   Randy Stutz
        Imagination Library   Roger Gudenkauf
        RYLA, YRYLA   Roger Gudenkauf
        Interact   Volunteer?
       Scholarships   Ryan Holocher
        Youth Exchange   Martin Postma
        4 Way Test   Open
The Club Foundation:  
7:10 Foundation Board    
     Kevin Massey
   President                           2020-21
     Oliver Grenham
   Vice President                    2020-21
    Sharon Fuller    Secretary / At Large          2020-22
     Loren Donaldson    Treasurer / At Large         2020-22
    Roger Gudenkauf    At Large                           2019-20
    Rich Seymour   At Large                            2019-22
    Wayne Anderson   At  Large                           2019-22
    Lindsey Daly    Honorary Board Member
 Other Offices    
 RI Foundation Representative      Open

 Ambasadorial and

           Peace Scholarships

  Martin Postma
 TRF Giving            Rick Fuller,  Martin Postma
 Group Study   Exchange   Martin Postma

 Foundation Giving


Rick Fuller, Chair

 Foundation  Requests 

  Ed Moss, Chair

Rotary Int'l Foundation

  Martin Postma, Chair





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