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About Rotary - Why I am a Rotarian
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Why Am I A Rotarian?
I have contemplated this question over the past few days and have come up with a few questions of my own: 
 Why do Rotarians constantly feel the need to create goodwill and better friendships in our localities as well as with peoples of other nations?
Why do Rotarians give so much of their time and effort for those less fortunate in distant lands who they will never meet much less be thanked for what they give?
Why do Rotarians have a burning desire to help those unknown faces of the poor, uneducated and sick human beings that seem endless in this world of over 6.8 billion souls?
My answer is simple:
I believe I am a Rotarian because I have a need to do God's work on this earth, to do my part to help make this world a better place to live.  In Rotary I can accomplish collectively with my fellow Rotarians what I would possibly not be motivated to do at all, much less do it alone.
As Rotarians, we are a body of wealth to every cause known to man, which in its 101 years of existence has managed to leave a trail of service and goodwill to humanity so numerous and so great that we should never have to ask ourselves why we are a part of this organization. 
As a Rotarian, I am fulfilling a part of God's plan for my life by using  this great organization we call Rotary.  
Carl S. Rosenbaum,
Past Rotary International Director 1997-1999
District 6150




I'm Past District Governor Maria Victoria Nanette Garcia, 2004-05, the first lady district governor of RI D3850 and my spouse is PDG Ramiro "Chick" Garcia, 1995-96.   "Celebrate Rotary" was my RI theme.


My district is in the central Philippines, and we are the "First District Governor Couple in Asia". I am a third generation Rotarian, which is the same with my spouse.


I started as a Rotaractor in my younger days, then became a Rotarian's spouse, then a Governor's spouse, then a charter member of my club in 1996, which was organized during my husband’s year as a governor.


In my 8th year as a Rotarian, I became the first lady district governor, which was an honor. It was the best time of all as Rotary was celebrating its 100th year.


I've always wanted to share my Rotary leadership journey in with others. Thank You! 


Rotary molded me from a shy homemaker to a district governor during the most important Centennial  Rotary year.

Ma. Victoria Nanette Garcia
Governor - 2004-05
RI D3850






It is when you stand at the airport waiting to meet you wife - there is a tap on your shoulder and a person neatly dressed in a suit with a great warm smile on his face greets you!! Wow! But a few years ago he was a gangster in a squatter camp and now through a development program initiated by myself he is in a stable job and a proud youngster.


It is when you spend time with disadvantaged young people who have just completed a sailing circumnavigation of Africa. all these youngsters from disadvantaged communities and you learn of their progress and development.   


It’s the time when one has nurtured a young girl who lost her father and had no money for university, the moment when she graduates as a doctor, is invited to dinner and meets her benefactor, an old Rotarian, over 90, for whom she had been caring and never known that he was the Rotarian who had sponsored her.


Its when you switch on the TV and there in your lounge is the smiling face of a young girl who came from a iron shack with no electricity, water, sanitation, with a candle to study and a wet floor in the winter, a person who we as Rotarians took by the hand and walked with. She blossomed, completed her education, and today is a South African presenter for major sports events , even the Olympics were covered by her.


It is the years of working with young folk on youth exchange and the post graduates from the Ambassadorial Scholarship program, then the time when you meet them after they have returned, settled down and are now contributing to their own community when you share once again in their formative experiences for which Rotary has made so much of a difference in their lives.


These and the working with families in the squatter camps are the “return on the sweat equity investments”, that recharge my batteries and keep me going. Thank you Rotary!


Trevor Wilkins 

PP Rotary Club of Cape Town RSA




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